2019 MSFD Awards Banquet

This year marked the 67th time that MSVFD has celebrated the work and accomplishments of its membership with an awards banquet. The following awards and achievements were recognized. 

Special Recognition:

  • Deputy Chief Josh Maul for his exemplary service on Barr Trail on March 13th, 2019 in the midst of a blizzard

  • Chad Lutjens and David Blankinship for their outstanding efforts to assist MSFD to create an Interactive Mapping Tool to reduce Wildland Urban Interface risk in our Community.


  • EMT Academy: Chad Forsett, Elizabeth Guess, Bill McGoey, Nick Weimer, and Marcus Witting

  • Recognition of those who assisted with the EMT Academy: Groff Schroeder, Austin Breen, Amanda Bridger, Tswana Denton, Cindy Duncan, Laura Jamison, Alex Keylin, Katie Perkins, Kyle Perkins, Michael Perkins, and Mark Wong

Special Recognition of the Most Training Hours in 2018:

  • Andrew Winchell with 323 hours

Gift of Life awards:

  • May 10, 2018: Sydney Brooks, Elizabeth Guess, Lt. Larry Mitchell, Linda Radice, Alex Stalker, Andrew Thompson, and Michael Willie

  • September 1, 2018: Austin Breen, Amanda Bridger, Kaitlyn Byrne, Capt. David Combs, Bill McGoey, Lt. Larry Mitchell, Linda Radice, Capt. Bobby White, Lt. Andrew Winchell, and Mark Wong

Red Jackets:

  • Amanda Bridger, Sydney Brooks, Cindy Duncan, Molly Geiger, Elizabeth Guess, and Bill McGoey

Fire Calls:

  • 100: Chris Byrne, Kyle Perkins, Andy Thompson, and Alex Stalker

  • 300: Alex Keylin

  • 400: Andrew Winchell

  • 2000: Linda Radice

  • 2800: John Nichols

Years of Service:

  • Austin Breen – 5 years

  • Ryan Hammes – 5 years

  • Laura Jamison – 5 years

  • Alex Keylin – 5 years

  • Alex Stalker – 5 years

  • Tyler Thompson – 5 years

  • Lt. Andrew Winchell – 5 years

  • Capt. John Nichols – 40 years

Firefighter of the Year:

  • Alex Keylin