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The Manitou Springs Volunteer Fire Department is built on the motto “neighbors serving neighbors since 1879,” and being a member is an invaluable way to contribute to your community, as well as having the genuine personal satisfaction that you get when helping others in need. MSVFD provides structural and wildland firefighting, emergency medical, high and low angle rescue, trail rescues, and fire prevention services to the City of Manitou Springs. In addition, MSVFD contributes in many different ways to charities and local events in the community and surrounding area. 

Please note that we hold firmly to the requirements listed below, and are unable to make exceptions. If you have any questions, please email Lt. Andrew Winchell:

application requirements:

  • Resident of Manitou Springs

  • 18 years of age or older

  • Physically able to carry out the requirements

  • Possess valid driver’s license

  • Have a reliable mode of transportation

  • Pass a criminal background check

Annual requirements to be in good standing with the dept:

  • Respond to 5% of all calls for service (approximately 60 out of 1200 calls a year)

  • Participate in 50% of all sanctioned events (at least 5 of the 10 annual community events)

  • Complete 36 hours of training annually

  • Additionally, there are several meetings each month. Every Wednesday is a fire training topic. The 3rd Tuesday is medical training. The last Tuesday of the month is a business meeting.

In the first year as a probationary Firefighter, you'll complete the following:

  • Probationary Orientation Curriculum

  • Probationary Firefighter Task Book

  • CPR/First Aid certification

  • Firefighter 1 and HazMat Awareness/Operations Class

  • Wildland S-130/S-190 certification

volunteer application periods for 2019:

Early 2019:

  • Applications open: January 25 (available at the fire station)

  • Applications close: February 15

  • Applicant interviews: March 3-6 (exact dates/times TBD)

  • Probie orientation: March 25 (1800-2200) and 30 (0900-1400)


Late 2019:

  • Applications open: July 29 (available at the fire station)

  • Applications close: August 9

  • Applicant interviews: August 22-26 (exact dates/times TBD)

  • Probie orientation: September 9 (1800-2200) and 14 (0900-1400)