May 2017 Awards Banquet

This year marked MSFD's 66th annual awards banquet, an evening to celebrate the many investments of our membership into the department and serving the community. 

We were honored to receive a plaque from Diana Taylor, MSFD's fire investigator, in recognition of exceptional work in overhaul and evidence protection in a recent structure fire.


  • EMT Academy: Cindy Duncan, Molly Geiger, Laura Jamison, Oscar Michel, Matthew Robson, Andrew Thompson, Tyler Thompson, Brad Walters, and Jennifer Walters.

  • Wildland Academy: Cindy Duncan, Molly Geiger, Oscar Michel, Lee Reinhart, Matthew Robson, Andrew Thompson, Tyler Thompson, Ashley Triplett, Lt. Andrew Winchell, and Mark Wong.

  • Officer Academy: Kaitlyn Byrne, Capt. Dave Combs, DC Joshua Maul, Capt Bobby White, Michael Willie, and Lt. Andrew Winchell

Excellence in support of the EMT Academy:

  • Mackenzie Mulligan-Buckmiller and Groff Schroeder

Years of service:

  • Ben Engelhardt – 5 years

  • Asst. Chief Keith Buckmiller – 25 years

  • Brad Walters – 30 years

  • Lt. Steve Schopper – 40 years

Red jackets:

  • Lt. Chris Byrne, Laura Jamison, Andrew Thompson, Tyler Thompson


  • Asst. Chief Paul Willie, after 32 years of service

Fire calls:

  • 2700: Capt. John Nichols

  • 1800: Linda Radice

  • 600: Asst. Chief Keith Buckmiller

  • 500: Dep. Chief Josh Maul

  • 300: Capt. Bobby White

  • 100: Lt. Andrew Winchell

Gift of Life:

  • 5/6 save - Capt. David Combs, Linda Radice, Andrew Thompson, Brad Walters, Ashley Wardell, and Capt. Bobby White
  • 12/16 save - Capt. David Combs, Alex Keylin, Lt. Larry Mitchell, Ashley Triplett, and Michael Willie

Firefighter of the year:

  • Lt. Chris Byrne